Craving Spring!!

Spring is in the air! It's been so nice this past week, spring is right around the corner, you can smell it! The cats sure can! They want to go out on the porch and sniff the air!

I can't wait for my garden to start sprouting! It's the first spring for our little garden of flowers. We planted lots of perennials and a few annuals that I let go to seed, so I'm curious to see what will come up when the snow melts and spring is here for real.

While I wait for my real flowers to make their entrance, I've been craving pictures of them! While I was going through folders of photos from our trip to the UK, I came across tons of pretty pictures of flowers from the amazing gardens that we visited. I decided that I would put a few of them on our walls! So I bought three inexpensive wooden frames, painted them to give them a distressed look, and went through the difficult process of picking three photos to enlarge. These are the ones which finally made it on my wall.

And if you're like me and you're craving spring, here are a few more photos of flowers from British gardens to get you going until the snow melts!

Happy {almost} spring!

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  1. Chantal B Says:

    Love the flowers... smells like spring!! Ol' Chipper seems to be enjoying the fresh air!!

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