New sketch at Sassy Lil' Sketches!

A new sketch and a new reveal is up at Sassy Lil' Sketches! Go check it out! Here's the new sketch by Cherie Averill:

And I finally managed to scrap a few LOs for the online crop at

Love Is In The Details. (You have until February 28th to upload LOs if you want to play!)

This one was for a butterfly challenge. I'm not a butterfly person, but I did manage to find a tiny butterfly punch. I added some stickles for the body. I ended up really liking the finishing touch that the butterflies add! It's Tintagel castle ruins in Cornwall. Legend associated this site with King Arthur. If that's true, what beautiful scenery the Knights of the Round Table enjoyed! ;)

This one is the second page for the village of Portmeirion, in northern Wales. It's a surreal village built by a rich Welsh architect in 1925, inspired by Italian coastal villages. It was beautiful! It's based on a sketch by Juliet Diley, from
Scrapbook Heaven.

Finally, this one is from Hound Tor, one of the peculiar rock formations in Dartmoor National Park in southern England. It was cloudy and drizzly, but we had fun hopping around the rocks! It's also based on a sketch by Juliet Diley.

Well, that's it for today... Hoping to get a bit more done by the end of the week!

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