This is a "Cats" post of Scrap.Cats.Love.!

Hi there!

Nothing scrappy to share with you yet. I'm working on my layout for the
Sassy Lil' Sketches e-book, which is top-secret work! lol! But I do have some kitty news that I wanted to share!

After Chipper passed away last February, at the wise old age of 18 (yep! I was lucky to have him in my life for a long time!), I thought it would be nice to see Sable and Chipper together again. So I decided that it was time to finally get a portrait done of my angel kitties!

I had been wanting for a very long time to get a pet portrait done of my two special kitties, Sable and Chipper, whom I adopted as free kittens in a newspaper ad back in 1993. But I never found the "right" artist, until I came across
Susan Faye's work on her blog and in her Etsy shop. I love her cute, pretty, colorful, whimsical style!

So here it is, my pet portrait! I love it!! It will be hanging in my scrap room, where Chipper used to hang out in all the time when I was working in there!

If you want to check out more of Susan Faye's art, go over to her blog,
365 Cat Ladies and Friends where there's a post about my kitties today! You'll find much more than cats too! There are bunnies and birds, pretty flowers, jewelry, prints, bookmarks and lots more... even dolls! (Oh, and if you stop by her Cafe Press shop, you'll find tons of t-shirts, mugs, calendars, aprons, totes...)

Here are a few pictures of my pretty angel kitties to finish off this post. Thanks for stopping by and tolerating my "crazy cat lady" post! ;)


4 Response to "This is a "Cats" post of Scrap.Cats.Love.!"

  1. Susan Faye Says:

    I LOVE the baby pictures--I'm melting!!! It was an honor to get to paint such beautiful cats and their beautiful cat lady. Thanks Martine!

  2. Gio Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story at Susan's blog.It touches my heart.

    Your cats were so beautiful. I'm pretty sure they're enjoing their portraits , too.

  3. Repositório Says:

    I love your cat story! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. CBelair Says:

    !!! Superbe portrait!! Je trouve qu'il est très ressemblant. Tes bébés sont super beaux! Quel beau cadeau tu t'es fait!

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