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Hi there!

I'm not much of a "techie", so I was pretty happy when I found
Photovisi to make quick and easy photo collages online. You just pick your template, add your pictures, fiddle around a bit with placement and size, then save!

I've got lots of pictures of the cats I saw during our trip to the UK last summer (yep, I'm an official cat lady, so I snap pics of all the kitties I see on my trips and I always scrap them! :). So I just played around quickly with the collages on
Photovisi and came up with these. I'm pretty sure a version of at least one of those is going to end up on my layout!

I'll be back in a few days with my next reveal at Sassy Lil' Sketches. It won't be my "travel kitties" LO yet, but there will be plenty of other animals on there! You'll see! See you back on the 7th with my new LO!

(Oh, and if anybody from the UK is reading this, I'd love to know if the term "moggies" is really used over there, as that's what I'm thinking my title will be. Thanks for the info! :)

Happy scrapping!


3 Response to "Online photo collages"

  1. Chantal B Says:

    Hey!! Pas pire du tout!! Terric way to use all those kitty pics!!! Cant wait for your next reveal!!

  2. lisa Says:

    Wow, this is a stunning LO.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

  3. collage photos online Says:

    This is called what beautiful art is and I really like your work. I wish I would be there but sometime things never happen. So keep doing good work.

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